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Aesthetic Dentistry

Beautiful, Healthy and Functional Teeth

Although there are a number of restorative options available for the treatment of missing teeth, none have proven to be as functionally effective and durable as implants. In many cases, dental implants may be the only logical choice for the restoration of function and appearance. Dental implants are the artificial replacements of the root of a tooth, allowing your dentist to replace missing teeth with attractive tooth-like crowns. Since missing teeth cause the face to collapse and appear older, the result is often not only an enhanced smile, but a more youthful appearance.


Surgery: Dr Johan Lochner     |     Dentist: Dr Andy Effting      |     Technician: Philipe Seha

The Beauty of Natural Teeth

Healthy teeth are a part of life’s pleasures. They create well-being and are a comfort that we easily take for granted. It is only when teeth are lost that we become aware of how much dental health affects our quality of life. It impacts on our appearance, body image and self confidence. Fortunately, for almost 30 years, dental implants have offered a solution for not only replacing the missing “crown” of the tooth, but the dental root as well. Dental implants provide a stable foundation for a tooth replacement that looks, feels and functions like your natural teeth. With dental implants you can replace one or more missing teeth, or hold dentures securely in the mouth. Dental implants can be your route to a better quality of life.

The Key advantage

One of the major benefits of dental implants is that they provide a stable foundation for replacement teeth. They also help to preserve the neighbouring teeth as well as the bone structure. With other more traditional treatment methods, healthy neighbouring teeth have to be ground down to support a crown or bridge. Additionally, in these methods, the bone may deteriorate because the tooth root is not replaced. With implant treatment, the dental implant replaces the lost tooth root and provides a stable foundation for the replacement tooth, thus eliminating the need to grind down healthy neighbouring teeth.

Stages of Dental Implant Placement

Because traditional methods of tooth replacement, such as crowns, bridges, partials and dentures, have disadvantages in terms of appearance and function, dental implants are considered by many dentists as the preferred method of tooth replacement. Your dentist will be happy to review with you the specific procedure that would be best suited for your individual situation.

  1. Planning
    The first step in the treatment sequence is careful planning, which begins with a thorough examination of your individual oral situation. With the aid of X-rays and models of your mouth, your doctor will determine the most suitable treatment plan for your situation.
  2. Implant placement
    The next step is placing the implant in the jaw. This procedure is usually performed in the dental office under local anaesthesia. Once the implant is placed, it is left to heal. Healthy bone can form a strong bond with the implant in just 6 weeks.
  3. Replacement teeth
    When the healing period is complete, the implant provides a solid foundation for attaching your replacement tooth. The tooth is now fully functional.

Your SAAAD dental professional can give you the smile of your dreams

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Professional Procedures

Restore the gleam to your natural pearly whites for a rejuvenated smile.
Custom-designed ceramic shells for more severe cases of wear, damage, uneven alignment or spacing.
A restoration to replace missing teeth. False teeth are attached to crowns on the neighbouring teeth.
Artificial replacement of a tooth's root, allowing missing teeth to be replaced with attractive crowns.

More Preferred Procedures

A minimally invasive restorative procedure for chipped, cracked, discoloured or misarranged teeth.
A minimally invasive porcelain restoration similar to veneers, but for the back teeth.
Corrects crooked or overcrowded teeth using fixed or removable orthodontic appliances.

More Gantry 5 Core Features

A modern filling option, customised to match the shade, texture and translucency of your natural teeth.
The solution when a tooth has broken or become significantly weakened due to decay or fillings.
A gum reshaping cosmetic procedure to correct a ‘gummy' smile