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Direct and indirect composite build-ups as part of the comprehensive treatment plan– what works, what lasts, and what’s practical.
Dr Corne Smith

Direct and Indirect Composite build-ups are currently used as a popular treatment option in the following situations; restoring dental wear, increasing the vertical dimension, as pre-orthodontic anatomical build-ups and as an alternative to ceramic restorations due to financial or ethical reasons.

We will evaluate the current techniques and materials commonly used in both the direct and indirect composite build-ups. These adhesive restorative options can be presented to patients as medium- or long-term solutions and have several advantages, however, significant care must be taken in the management of the patient’s expectation. The choice of technique and material and the technical difficulty level of the different techniques used in both direct and indirect build-ups needs to be understood if this protocol is followed.

We will review the longevity and predictability of these treatment options from a very practical point of view, taking into consideration variables like time, cost of material, operator skill level and patient satisfaction.

This lecture will show:

  • Different techniques and materials available in direct and indirect composite build-ups.
  • Difficulty level and skill required for specific techniques
  • Longevity, predictability and efficiency of these techniques and materials
  • Advantages and disadvantages of direct vs indirect
  • Situations where composite cannot replace ceramic
  • Practical success evaluation for the patient and satisfaction for the dentist